Friday, May 8, 2009

At 5 A.M., cool air sneaked in through the window, opened a crack. A mourning dove cried. I was reminded of the 3 abandoned eggs. What kind of a mother bird are you? If birds could write, they'd never last in this profession with their lack of perseverance. There's nothing wrong with those eggs, they didn't crack. Get back on the job, buster. I've considered covering them with grass, a little swatch of fabric or bringing them inside, but what would I do with them if they hatched?

I created a new Facebook account under Linda Rose Zajac to set myself apart from all the Linda Zajac's in the world. It's mainly because I'm now writing for high school aged kids who are attracted to online social networking. As of this writing, I have all of 2 friends. Effort to find friends = close to zero. When I invited my daughter to friend me, she emailed while in school "STALKER!!!!" Ut oh. What is she doing midday emailing me when she is supposed to be at school paying attention? What am I doing midday mopping up the cellar after one college student overloaded the washing machine? Humph.

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